Train of Thoughts (Part 1) 

“When I was brought to my senses, I took a front window seat on the Train of Thoughts.” Train of thoughts carries hopes carries dreams Train of thoughts carries memories from the past  Train of thoughts carries lost souls carries heartaches  Train of thoughts carries bodies lying next to mine  Train of thoughts carries lost baggage […]

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Her Love

Her love was tender, Her love was kind Her love was the only thing, What made me blind. Her love was dark. Her love was crimson Her love was the heaven. Her love was ransom. Her love was deep. Her love was jealous Her love was insane. Her love was nebulous. Her love was fire, […]

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کوئ شکواہ نہ ذندگی سے

ذندگی تلخ ہوتی جاتی ہے تم بھی اب غمگسار اپنے نئین ۔ کوئ شکواہ نہ ذندگی سے رہا کوئ شکواہ بھی یار تجھ سے نئین- حالټ وصل مین بھی جاڼ بہار حالټ وصل یار اپنی نئین ۔ ذندگی موجزون کی عادی سئ دل یہ اب موجزون سے بہلتا نئین ۔ فاصلے ختم ہونے والے تھے […]

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دیوانہ وار

جاتے جاتے میرے سب عقل و حوش جنون مین ڈھال گئے، میں ہر صورت میں تجھ کو ڈونڈتا پھرتا ہون اب دیوانہ وار۔ ⁃ عابد قریشی

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'فقیر' اپنی تو بس یونئ بسر ہوتی ہے فجر سجدے میں، کلیسے میں عصر ہوتی ہے ۔ شام ہوتی ہے بسر یادوں میں اسی کافر کی رات میخانوں میں ساقی کی نظر ہوتی ہے ۔ ⁃ عابد قریشی

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Life – (III)

Don't be a fool believing life is some music player where you can insert tape to play & dance on your favorite songs. life is like a radio, it teaches you how to get flexible with changing frequencies. So be prepared for all the highs and lows, expect the unexpected & let your vision be […]

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Be Different

You are different & that's the only the thing that highlights who you are. So never let go of your uniqueness on public demands, cause when you lose your identity, you lose your worth. © 2017 – Abid Qureshi

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Life (II)

One of the most brutal, unsympathetic, unreliable, untruthful, and unfaithful things have always been one of the most beloved phenomenon. It leaves you in the deathbed when you needed it most, and ends your journey where you finally decide to settle after all your hardships.  The time when you realize that you are likely off […]

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