Life (II)

One of the most brutal, unsympathetic, unreliable, untruthful, and unfaithful things have always been one of the most beloved phenomenon. It leaves you in the deathbed when you needed it most, and ends your journey where you finally decide to settle after all your hardships. 
The time when you realize that you are likely off the hook. When you see yourself in the mirror after years, you smile at yourself like Cheshire cat and say; “my time has come, my life’s gonna start from here on and now, I will live my life on my terms, I will take control of it and let no one else be boss on me.”
The moment when you take a deep breath and inhale some fresh air to bust your stress and energize your immune. 

You realize all of a sudden that your lungs are unplugged, you feel this strange disconnection between your body and soul, your feet feels above the ground, you are touching no surface, there is nothing left on the ground for you. Maybe that’s all you have ever wanted, you always aimed to fly so high, above these clouds, touching the skyline to reach for no limits. Now these clouds above your head starts to fade and disappear and your vision is impaired. 

There are moments when you feel like you are on another planet, your flying in the vacuums and your oxygen is running low, but you have no one to call for help. 

You cannot breathe the air, your heart starts to bleed and beat so fast. It seems as it’s in a rush. Like a rush of blood to the head.. And it’s beating too fast to be quite for long, maybe it will never ring the bell again, maybe it’s dead inside.

Sooner you find yourself in the serene of unfortunates. The sky looks all set-up and decorated, all you can see are rainbows everywhere, and the colours of sun, the way you have always loved to watch it during rises and setting down on the beach. 

You know how fascinated you were with sun-downs, how beautifully the sky used to shift its colors from blue to pale yellow, purple, and reddish orange as sun dims down to kiss the sea goodnight. 

There is no one else in your way now, you have all the time in the world to be all alone and picture how beautiful the world is. You don’t have no rivals, no colleagues, no partners to cheat on you. You don’t even have your wife to pull you back from whatever you love to do all the time, no children’s, no family, there’s no one to tie your strings today. 

This is the only journey you are heading up all alone, no one is willing to accompany you, not even you. Because you are sick and tired of traveling, aren’t you? You need a rest, you need to settle down, and you are settling down for good. 

The funny thing is you are not even getting anything in return. Isn’t it strange? You never settled for nothing less in your life, maybe it is not your life anymore, maybe it never was …  

But don’t you worry, finally your time has come now, you are going to settle, you are going to be quite, I don’t know if it is going to be peaceful for you in there or not, but you are surely on the run towards the end. And there is no coming back, once you have played your hands all in, you know you cannot fold even if you want to. The worst thing is you cannot even bluff, no chance to deceit and there are no scapegoat’s.

Run, run, run, they are coming after you, to arrange you a grand ceremony, you know you are grown up, but they still gonna give you a final shower before you fall asleep for good, they will dress you up so nice and tidy in a brand new coffin you left after you, it’s fairly white and thick, the colour you have always loved for being a symbol of peace. 

Your nostrils are stuffed with pieces of cotton, and your toes are tied together. 

The time is near when your loved ones will come forward and pick you up to put you in your grave, they may sprinkle some fresh rose petals and your favourite fragrances over your coffin, you are buried now. 

Few more formalities and then everyone is gone. You are left on your own, you have to fight this battle all alone. They weren’t there for you when you were born, neither when you were really alive, nor when you are gone.
Everything and everyone in this world including the world itself is mortal. None of us came here to settle for forever. Every mortal thing comes with an expiration date, except life, although it is so very mortal but none of us know when its going to expire. It cuts you loose when you really need it. 

We spend our life running after things to stock for later life, we always keep things due, postpone the best moments which we could enjoy to be done in our leisure hours. Forgetting the fact that there is no later life, it is never guaranteed, its either now or never. We waste our life taking part in a marathon we never belonged to. We are busy fighting battles and winning races which are never our own. We are complicating this simple life, we do or do not do things and then all we are left with is nothing but a regret. 

As they say actions have consequences, so as life. 

We watch movies, read books, study human behaviours, learn every art of living a life which makes us unique and different from others. We wish our life’s would be same as its read in books and watched in movies, all with happy endings .. But what we don’t see is that no matter how good the story is , no matter how interesting the characters are, no matter how long or short it lasts, you know what the sad part is? It always end …. yes it does. 

So before it ends, do things which you do not regret not doing when you are laying in your deathbed. Because then it all ends, and once the game is over, its really over, you cant buy a new token, insert it in a machine and start it all over again.. It’s all so very mortal, momentary, and it’s gonna end… 

So are you still going to wait for the second chance , wait for time to knock on your window. No you aren’t getting there Maybe when you plan to delay on doing good things, life already have planned to cut you loose. 

Now is the time to fix your shots, don’t make due intentions, better start to practice your beliefs. Your actions will be responsible for the consequences and you will be responsible for your actions. 

Think about it… Thinking doesn’t harm, and keep digging wells unless you see a water down there.. 

© 2017 – Abid Qureshi 


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