“Be like fruits when they cut you into pieces, leave sweet taste in their mouth to last forever.” – Abid Qureshi 

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Train of Thoughts (Part 1) 

“When I was brought to my senses, I took a front window seat on the Train of Thoughts.” Train of thoughts carries hopes carries dreams Train of thoughts carries memories from the past  Train of thoughts carries lost souls carries heartaches  Train of thoughts carries bodies lying next to mine  Train of thoughts carries lost baggage […]

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The Doors

“Only if you understand why doors have handles on both in and outside, the outside handle is for those who seek to enter and stay there for as long as they want to without causing or intending to harm your presence, the inside handles are for you to open doors and kick out the less […]

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Darkness (I)

“Darkness Exposes your brightest and beautiful self, if you haven’t loved darkness, you haven’t found yourself” – Abid Qureshi 

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“I see them coming strong, i see them carrying rain , i see them adding beauty to sky, i see them gathering to shower rain on me, i see them burying me under the weight of thoughts, i see them making me smile, i see them chasing dreams, i see them fighting the wind blows, […]

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